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海东翻译公司关键字:Webmaster at Fang is a very courageous person. He may not be entirely accurate expose and criticize, but it does in the fight against false information networks play an important role."Academic 翻译技术标书那家公司最好?must be honest, the news 翻译技术标书那家公司最好?must be true, the network 翻译技术标书那家公司最好?must be practical, they should be missed and false if someone does not play by the rules, no matter how high position, fame much, we have to expose him." - Fang[I] Matthew: "Matthew Bible" in a famous saying: "Because of where some, but also add to him, told him to spare; not even all of his, be taken away." Social scientists derived from the "Matthew Effect" concept to describe the areas of social life in common polarization. They have a common characteristic, that is, any individuals, groups or regions once in one respect (such as money, fame, status, etc.) to succeed and progress, it will have advantages accumulate, and thus have More标书文件涉及到的领域非常的广泛,即使是针对一个项目的标书文件,会包含法律、经济、工程技术、商业等多个相关的专业领域,在投标过程中,无论是招标方还是投标方所需的翻译服务种类都须进行相应的调整和重新组合,投标的标书中带有相关的法律要约性质,标书为了详细全面的介绍自己并赢得招标方的信任,需要使用极富影响力的商业用语,所以标书翻译是法律翻译和商业翻译的结合,因此,作为竞标的基础工作而贯穿于整个投标过程中的标书翻译服务应由专业的新华标书翻译公司提供。 opportunities to achieve greater success and progress.[Ii] on the domestic academic sites, laughing Shu called friends have a comprehensive assessment of the authority. He posts "scholars rise and development of the site" can be found in http://www3.rongshu.com/publish/readArticle.asp?id=5711.[Iii] Wang Dingding that expert control is the inevitable trend of modern society, which is particularly evident in the performance of the network. Thus, some experts also caused a lot of "hegemony." To solve this problem, we can only hope that the establishment of an effective "expert 外文标书翻译system."[Iv] Moore's Law: Intel founder Gordon Moore's rule of thumb, he predicted the microprocessor processing power every 18 months to 24 months will double, while the price招投标书翻译价格 is reduced by half. Actual proof of this law is right.[V] Hayek called the "rational ego." In the absence of complete information and expanding the network is always changing in the premise, and assess the authenticity of information is a very subjective and very difficult to act, to establish objective criteria 翻译技术标书那家公司最好?must be inaccurate and unrealistic.[Vi] Quoted from Zheng Weimin, "positive feedback" p326, specific statements can refer to Levi, I, Decision and resolution, Cambridge University Press, 1984[Vii] Plato's cave metaphor: the philosophy of those who lack can be compared to the prisoners locked up in caves, they can only look in one direction, because they were locked; behind them a fire burning They are in front of a wall. Between them and nothing in the wall; they see only themselves and their things behind the shadow, which are projected onto the wall by the fire came. They inevitably these shadows as real, and for the cause of these things but there is no concept of the shadow. Finally, a man escaped from the cave to the light of day, the first time he saw the real thing, before he was aware of this image has been cheated. Ignorance?